Brand Spotlight Series: Walter G

Brand Spotlight Series: Walter G

Elfrieda & Eliza is dedicated to responsibly sourcing products from artisans across the globe, while adhering to best business practices to ensure fair trade and top-notch quality. Our commitment to ethical practices is reflected in every item we sell.

Welcome to our first brand highlight series, where we delve into the processes behind their products and share why we love them. This will be an ongoing blog series, as we strive to showcase the incredible creators we feature at Elfrieda & Eliza.

Sustainability and Fair Trade in the Craftsmanship of Walter G.

If you're looking for unique textiles with a sustainable and ethical backstory, Walter G. has got you covered. This Australian-based company draws inspiration from the traditional craft of printmaking in India, particularly in the state of Rajasthan.

In Sanganer, a town in Rajasthan, local artisans use hand-carved wooden blocks and ink to bring Walter G.'s designs to life on fabric. Each pattern is created with precision and skill, resulting in a beautiful and intricate finished product. Unfortunately, this art form is dying out in Sanganer as it is mainly passed down within families from older to younger generations.

Lauren and Geneveive, founders of Walter G., spent six months living in the region and working alongside the artisans. They recognized the importance of this sacred printmaking process and wanted to form a partnership with the local artisans. One unique aspect of this partnership is that the artisans set the pricing, ensuring that they are properly and fairly compensated for their work.

By contributing to the preservation of traditional Sanganer printmaking, Walter G. promotes sustainability and fair trade. The company's design style is a perfect blend of modern and traditional, creating one-of-a-kind patterns that cannot be replicated. This partnership results in unique and beautiful textiles that are both ethical and sustainable.

See our selection of Walter G. products below.

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